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MARine Litter in Europe Seas: Social AwarenesS and CO-Responsability
SIS – Science in Society
FP7 - Support Actions
Belgium; Bulgaria; Cyprus; Denmark; France; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Romania; Slovenia; Turkey; United Kingdom
Provincia di Teramo (Italy)
DEFRA - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (United Kingdom)
EUCC - Coastal Union Germany (Germany)
EUCC - Coastal and Marine Union (Netherlands)
EuPC - European Plastics Converters (Belgium)
EuPR - European Plastics Recyclers (Belgium)
FFCT/UNL - New University of Lisbon; Foundation of the Faculty of Science and Technology (Portugal)
Honkytonk Films (France)
Isotech Ltd (Cyprus)
KIMO - Local Authorities International Environmental Organisation (Norway)
MERTERRE - Association Mer Terre (France)
MIO-ECSDE - Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (Greece)
Mare Nostrum - Organizaţia Neguvernamentală Ecologistă. Mare Nostrum (Romania)
Mediatools (France)
PLASTICSEUROPE - Plastics Europe (Belgium)
RDC Koper - Regional Development Centre Koper (Slovenia)
TÜDAV - Turkish Marine Research Foundation (Turkey)
UBBSLA - Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (Bulgaria)
UCC - University College Cork (Ireland)
University of Plymouth (United Kingdom)
Marine environments are central to human well-being, but they are also extensively threatened by our activities. The MARLISCO proposal seeks to raise societal awareness of both the problems and the potential solutions to a key issue threatening marine habitats worldwide; the accumulation of marine litter. A major objective of this proposal is to understand and subsequently facilitate societal engagement in order to inspire changes in attitudes and behaviour. This proposal is a Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Action Plan (MMLAP) with the aim of providing a series of mechanisms to engage key stakeholders with an interest in, or responsibility for, some aspect of reducing the quantity of litter entering the ocean. These will include: industrial sectors; users of coastal and marine waters; the waste management and recycling sectors; Regional Sea Commissions and EU representatives; local municipalities; citizens groups, environmental NGOs, school children and the general public; social and natural scientists. MARLISCO recognises the need for a concerted approach to encourage co-responsibility through a joint dialogue between the many players. This will be achieved by organising activities across 15 European countries, including national debates in 12 of them involving industry sectors, scientists and the public, a European video contest for school students, educational activities targeting the younger generation together with exhibitions to raise awareness among the wider public. MARLISCO will make use of innovative multimedia approaches to reach the widest possible audience, in the most effective manner. The proposal will develop and evaluate an approach that can be used to address the problems associated with marine litter and which can also be applied more widely to other societal challenges where there are substantial benefits to be achieved through better integration among researchers, stakeholders and society.
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CORDIS FP7 Repository
Potentially Relevant for Marine Directive (See)
10. Marine Litter
09. Contaminants in Fish and other Seafood
All Marine Regions
Related Knowledge Outputs
Marine litter trends and policies
Database of marine litter case-studies
Stakeholders surveys results and assessment
Engagement and solutions through informed debates
Portuguese Forum on Marine Litter, 24/10/2014
Understanding of the distribution quantities and types of marine litter
Methods to Monitor and Assess Marine Litter
Policies that may be applied to mitigate the impact of marine litter
Romanian Forum National Marlisco, 28/10/2014
Bulgarian Forum on Marine Litter, 31/10/2014
Baseline evaluation of stakeholder perceptions and attitudes towards issues surrounding marine litter
A novel best practices approach: The MARLISCO case, DeCyDe-4-MARLISCO
MARLISCO Best Practice Guide
MARLISCO Video Contest
Evaluation of specific educational and outreach activities related to marine litter
How to Communicate with Stakeholders about Marine Litter - A Short Guide to Influencing Behavioural Change
The e-learning course for formal and non-formal educators
The MARLISCO awareness exhibition
MARLISCO exhibition: The European Journey
Marine Litter Database (of MARLISCO case studies)
French MARLISCO Forum: ""Which solutions for marine litter"", 24/02/2015
Outcomes for each of the twelve national events and for all four regional seas
National Marine Litter Forum Ireland, 02/04/2014
Cypriot National Forum on Marine Litter, 15/10/2014
Turkish Forum on Marine Litter 16/10/2014
UK MARLISCO Forum, 10/12/2014
National Marine Litter Forum Italy, 16/01/2015
Slovenian National Forum on Marine Litter, 04/02/2015
German Marine Litter Forum, 21/03/2015
MARLISCO Dutch Forum, 01/04/2015
Interactive web documentary: Troubled Waters
Animation: Sources & impacts of marine litter
MARLISCO Marine litter brochure sectors-specific entitled ‘Stopping marine litter together!” MIO-ECSDE, 2015.
MARLISCO Recommendations for science and society interactions: A case study from ML
MPB article Enhancing public awareness and promoting co-responsibility for marine litter in Europe: The challenge of MARLISCO
Marine litter educational pack & serious game
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