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Project | Coordinator Institution | Programme Coord. Country Duration
MAPHOPE - Magnetic proxies for evaluation of "hot spots" industrial pollution in East Bulgaria
BAS - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Geophysical Institute
Bulgaria 2004 to 2005
CLOWNFISH EVOLUTION - Molecular phylogeny and evolution of specialization in anemone fishes and in their host sea anemones
SZD SZN - Stazione Zoologica ''Anton Dohrn'' Napoli
Italy 2004 to 2005
MARCYAN2 - Ecological control of nitrogen fixation in marine Cyanobacteria
NIOO-KNAW - Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences; Netherlands Institute of Ecology
Netherlands 2003 to 2005
Acronym N/A - The EMECO Western Shelf Observatory
DEFRA CEFAS - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
United Kingdom Not applicable
EARL - The effect of emergent compounds and climate change in aquatic organisms with different early life history strategies
Bangor University
United Kingdom 2011 to 2013
SIMPLIC - Mathematical Modeling of Marine Ecosystems in a sustainable development perspective: model development, parameterization and simplification using data assimilation
Ulg - University of Liege
Belgium 2004 to 2005
AQUAS - Water Quality and Sustainable Aquaculture: Links and Implications
CIIRC - International Coastal Resources Research Centre
Spain 2006 to 2007
MIGPAT - Migration pathways into deep-sea chemosynthetic environments
University of Leeds; School of Earth and Environment
United Kingdom 2005 to 2007
DA.G.OT - European reference framework on dangerous good transport
FILSE - Finanziaria Ligure per lo Sviluppo Economico - FI.L.S.E. SpA
Italy 2006 to 2008
ALMA-MATER - Absorption of light, macro-algae and the atmosphere
UCC - University College Cork
Ireland 2012 to 2014
PREFUL - Propeller Efficiency in Full Scale
CTO - Ship Design and Research Centre
Poland 2010 to 2012
CORALCHANGE - Factors controlling carbonate production and destruction of cold-water coral reefs of the NE Atlantic
IMAR - Institute of Marine Research
Portugal 2009 to 2012
MESODERM EVOLUTION - The development and evolution of the mesoderm in basal bilaterian acoel worms
Uni Research AS
Norway 2010 to 2014
ASMAS - Azores: Stop-over for Marine Aliens Species?
CIBIO/ICETA-Porto/UP - University of Porto; Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources
Portugal 2012 to 2015
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