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Project | Coordinator Institution | Programme Coord. Country Duration
Acronym N/A - The EMECO Western Shelf Observatory
DEFRA CEFAS - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
United Kingdom Not applicable
Baltic Sea Challenge - Cities for a Healthier Sea
City of Helsinki
Interreg IV
Finland 2010 to 2015
Mooring Project - A Structured Approach Development For Cyprus' Offshore Aquaculture Mooring Requirements Investigation And Mooring Scenario Development
FCR - Frederick Research Centre
Cyprus 2010 to 2012
AQUAFIMA - Integrating Aquaculture and Fisheries Management towards a sustainable regional development in the Baltic Sea Region
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern; State Development Cooperation
Interreg IV
Germany 2011 to 2014
NICYCLE - The nitrogen cycle and changes in the carrying capacity of coastal waters
NIOZ - Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
Netherlands 2008 to 2013
DANOS - Is denitrification a nitrous oxide sink
NCL - Newcastle University; School of Marine Science and Technology
United Kingdom 2012 to 2014
BIOCHANGED - Impact of biodiversity evenness changes in the ecosystem functioning of estuaries
UC - University of Coimbra
Portugal 2011 to 2014
Acronym N/A - What feeds the fish? Zooplankton abundance and productivity in the northern Baltic proper: implications for fish feeding conditions
Stockholm University; Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
Sweden 2006 to 2009
CINTERA - A Cross-disciplinary Integrated Eco-systemic Eutrophication Research and Management Approach
NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Norway 2012 to 2015
SHoCMed - Developing site selection and carrying capacity for Mediterranean aquaculture within aquaculture appropriate areas
GFCM CGPM - General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterrean
IMP Grants
Italy 2008 to 2009
Acronym N/A - Wpływ zmian klimatycznych na stan środowiska naturalnego płytkowodnych terenów morskich zamieszkałych przez rzadkie gatunki koralowców tworzących trzecią co do wielkości na świecie rafę koralową w zachodniej części Zatoki Meksykańskiej (Rejon Wysp Dry Tortugas oraz Marquesas Keys, Floryda, U.S.A.) w okresie ostatnich około 150 lat
Szczecin University
Poland 2012 to 2015
Acronym N/A - The distribution of Danish freshwater fishes
KU SNM - University of Copenhagen; Natural History Museum of Denmark
Denmark 2006 to 2012
BABAS - Biodiversity and biotechnological characterization of bacteria from the Adriatic Sea
IRB RBI - Rudjer Boskovic Institute
Croatia 2011 to 2014
CONPLANK - Continuous measurements of plankton and environmental variables: towards assessment of phytoplankton community response to environmental change
CSIC - Spanish National Research Council
Spain 2013 to 2016
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