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Project | Coordinator Institution | Programme Coord. Country Duration
PISCES - Partnerships Involving Stakeholders in the Celtic sea Eco-System
WWF-UK - World Wide Fund for Nature United Kingdom
United Kingdom 2009 to 2016
BIOFUN - Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in contrasting southern European deep-sea environments: from viruses to megafauna
ICM-CSIC - Spanish National Research Council; Institute of Marine Sciences
Spain 2008 to 2011
Acronym N/A - Dispersion model of the small objects on the sea surface while taking into acconut specific conditions on the Slupska Lagoon and Pucka Bay
PNA - Polish Naval Academy; Department of Naval Weapon Systems
Poland 2008 to 2010
LOSAMEDCHEM - How could the logistics and the safety of the transports of chemicals be improved in the Mediterranean area
Novara Province
Interreg IV
Italy 2010 to 2013
Mooring Project - A Structured Approach Development For Cyprus' Offshore Aquaculture Mooring Requirements Investigation And Mooring Scenario Development
FCR - Frederick Research Centre
Cyprus 2010 to 2012
MARLISCO - MARine Litter in Europe Seas: Social AwarenesS and CO-Responsability
Provincia di Teramo
Italy 2012 to 2015
Acronym N/A - Tracking Ocean Giants and their Jellyfish Prey
UCC - University College Cork
Ireland 2007 to 2009
MARMICROTOX - Marine microplastics toxicity: investigating microplastics and their co-contaminants in marine organisms
Heriot-Watt University
United Kingdom 2014 to 2016
PROFLUX - Processes and Fluxes of Mercury and Methylmercury in a Contaminated Coastal Ecosystem (Tagus Estuary, Portugal)
IPMA - Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera
Portugal 2010 to 2013
OMAR - Observatorio Medioambiental
CETMAR - Centro Tecnológico del Mar; Fundación CETMAR
Spain 2008 to 2009
ME5209 - Using Northern fulmars as an ecological monitor of marine litter in line with indicators set for MSFD Descriptor 10
IMARES - Wageningen UR; Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies
Netherlands Not applicable
BRISK - Sub-regional risk of spill of oil and hazardous substances in the Baltic Sea
Admiral Danish Fleet Headquarters
Denmark 2008 to 2012
NANOPLAST - A computational study of the interaction between nanoplastic and model biological membranes
UNIGE - University of Genoa
Italy 2013 to 2016
NPB - Nada pola Borda: limpando os fondos mariños
CETMAR - Centro Tecnológico del Mar; Fundación CETMAR
Spain 2009 to 2010
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