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Project | Coordinator Institution | Programme Coord. Country Duration
MC-SALT - Environmental Management and Restoration of Mediterranean Salt Works and Coastal Lagoons
Ente di gestione per i Parchi e la Biodiversità - Delta del Po
Italy 2011 to 2016
MICROSYSTEMS - Microbial Diversity and Functionality in Cold-Water Coral Reef Ecosystems
UGent - Ghent University
Belgium 2006 to 2009
Acronym N/A - Arctic Ocean biodiversity research as a key to understand evolution of polar systems and global climate change
IO-PAS - Polish Academy of Sciences; Institute of Oceanology
Poland 2012 to 2015
SEAMOV - Seamount fishes: movements, habitat use and connectivity
IMAR - Institute of Marine Research
Portugal 2010 to 2013
FONA-BACOSA - Baltic Coastal System Analysis and Status Evaluation
University of Rostock
Germany 2013 to 2016
MARMONI - Innovative approaches for marine biodiversity monitoring and assessment of conservation status of nature values in the Baltic Sea
BEF - Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia
Latvia 2010 to 2015
ECOMON - The current state of the Russian Marine Ecosystem Monitoring for the White Sea and its relevance to the EU Directive on Water Policy and UN Agenda 21
NERSC - Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Russian Federation 2005 to 2005
Acronym N/A - Assessing the marine fish diversity of Jan Mayen and adjacent waters towards the 2010 Norwegian Red List
IMR - Institute of Marine Research
Norway 2008 to 2009
FLOATGEN - Demonstration of two floating wind turbine systems for power generation in mediterranean deep waters
Gamesa - Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica, SA
Spain 2013 to 2016
Acronym N/A - The role of ABC transporter proteins in chemically induced hepatic cancer in zebrafish (Danio rerio)
CIIMAR - Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research
Portugal 2010 to 2013
MAPISCo - Method for the assessment of priorities for international species conservation
NCL - Newcastle University
United Kingdom 2011 to 2013
FISHJELLY - Effects of jellyfish blooms in the Northwestern Mediterranean:study of biological interactions among fish and jellyfish
ICM-CSIC - Spanish National Research Council; Institute of Marine Sciences
Spain 2010 to 2013
MICROCOKIT - Microbial Community-based sequencing analysis linked to anthropogenic pressures: MicroCoKit to address the water quality
CNR - National Research Council
Italy 2013 to 2017
STROAM - Progetto di cooperazione scientifica sullo sviluppo di STRumentazione Oceanografica e di Acustica Marina
CNR-IAMC - National Research Council; Institute for Coastal Marine Environment
Italy 2005 to 2007
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