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Project | Coordinator Institution | Programme Coord. Country Duration
FASTFISH - On farm assessment of stress level in fish
IMR - Institute of Marine Research; Animal welfare Research Group
Norway 2006 to 2008
OATP - Evaluation of the promotion of Offshore Aquaculture Through a Technology Platform
MI - Marine Institute
Ireland 2007 to 2008
SARDONE - Improving assessment and management of small pelagic species in the Mediterranean
ISMAR-CNR - National Research Council; Institute of Marine Sciences; Ancona Section
Italy 2007 to 2010
AQUAGENOME - Genomic in fish and shellfish: From research to aquaculture
INRA-SCRIBE - French National Institute for Agricultural Research; Station Commune de Recherches en Ichtyophysiologie Biodiversité et Environnement
France 2007 to 2008
AQUAFUNC - Integrated knowledge on functional genomics in sustainable aquaculture
UGOT-FEL - University of Gothenburg, Department of Zoology; Zoophysiology, Fish Endocrinology Laboratory
Sweden 2005 to 2007
GENIMPACT - Evaluation of genetic impact of aquaculture activities on native populations - a European network
IMR - Institute of Marine Research; Population Genetics and Ecology Research Group
Norway 2005 to 2007
ENVIEFH - Environmental Approach to Essential Fish Habitat Designation
HCMR - Hellenic Center for Marine Research; Institute of Marine Biological Resources
Greece 2005 to 2008
AQUABREEDING - Towards enhanced and sustainable use of genetics and breeding in the European aquaculture industry
Spallanzani Institute
Italy 2006 to 2008
BENEFISH - Evaluation and Modelling of Benefits and Costs of Fish Welfare Interventions in European Aquaculture
TNC - TransNational Consulting Partnership
Germany 2007 to 2010
EMPAFISH - European marine protected areas as tools for fisheries management and conservation
UM - University of Murcia; Facultad de Biología, Departamento de Ecología e Hidrología
Spain 2005 to 2008
WOPER - Workshop for the analysis of the impact of perkinsosis to the European Shellfish Industry
CIMA - Center for Marine Research
Spain 2007 to 2007
ECASA - Ecosystem approach for sustainable aquaculture
SAMS - Scottish Association for Marine Science
United Kingdom 2004 to 2007
IN EX FISH - Incorporating extrinsic drivers into fisheries management
University of Liverpool; School of Biological Sciences
United Kingdom 2006 to 2008
SHEEL - Secure and harmonised European electronic logbook
INOV INESC - INOV INESC Inovação - Instituto de Novas Tecnologias
Portugal 2004 to 2006
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