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Project | Coordinator Institution | Programme Coord. Country Duration
BLACK SEA SCENE - Black Sea Scientific Environmental Information Network
MARIS - Marine Information Service Maris BV
Netherlands 2005 to 2008
PLANKTON-NET - An open-access framework for developing and supporting distributed knowledge centres for taxonomic data - a pilot study targeting EU phytoplankton
AWI-BAH - Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research; Helgoland Research Station
Germany 2006 to 2008
SALVADORE - Seismic analysis of the lithosphere via advanced processing techniques and access to deep ocean recorders during exploration
GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research; Dynamics of the Ocean Floor
Germany 2005 to 2008
DESIGNACT - Designing the European Aquaculture Centre of Technology
NTNU-TBS - Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Department of Biology; Trondhjem Biological Station
Norway 2005 to 2008
CEMACE - Centre for Marine Chemical Ecology
UGOT - University of Gothenburg
Sweden 2004 to 2008
SEADATANET - Pan-European infrastructure for Ocean & Marine Data Management
Ifremer - French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea; Department of Physical and Spatial Oceanography; Department of Information Systems and Marine Data
France 2006 to 2011
METRI-2 - Marine environment tests and research infrastructure - 2
Ifremer - French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea; Centre de Brest; Département Essais et Recherches Expérimentales
France 2006 to 2010
HYDRALAB III - Integrated Infrastructure Initiative HYDRALAB III
DELTARES - Stichting Deltares
Netherlands 2006 to 2010
KM3NeT - Design Study for a Deep Sea Facility in the Mediterranean for Neutrino Astronomy and Associated Sciences
FAU - University of Erlangen-Nuremberg; Institute of Physics
Germany 2006 to 2009
See full results 9 records
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